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Arkansas City houses some of the great architectural buildings and residential structures. Whether you own an attached house, or condo in Arkansas City, you take pride in having a piece of this city’s majestic view. However, the constant exposure to the changing weather and contaminants can start a build-up of stains that can degrade the curb appeal of your property.

Any property is a serious asset and it deserves a tough cleaning solution. That’s why we at Little Rock Power Washing Co. are proud to provide our professional soft washing services to all of our customers in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our reliable and fast service made us also the top choice in other neighboring cities including Crystal Hill, Arkansas, North Little Rock, Arkansas, Jacksonville, Arkansas, Sherwood, Arkansas, and East End, Arkansas for 15 years.

Little Rock Arkansas’ Soft Washing Specialists

Whether it’s limestone or a brick facade our delicate soft washing method will clean the entire exterior surface completely. Also, our specialists at Little Rock Power Washing Co. will restore its original beauty without creating any damage to its material. Instead of using high water pressure, our specialists are adept at using environmentally friendly and biodegradable soaps.

Our professional soft washing method can effectively clean your home siding using very low water pressure. This will prevent any damages or scratches to your property’s façade and come out completely clean and beautiful! House washing should be done only by professionals, that is why we are trusted by many homeowners in Arkansas City every time they need a house wash!

About Soft Washing

Soft washing is a method of using biodegradable and water-based chemicals to effectively remove dirt and grimes. I also help to get rid of webs and bug nests as well as exterminate algae bacteria, mold, and mildew. Thus, it will make the surface of your home clean and sanitized.

Soft washing only needs one-third of the water that a power or pressure washing does. It can last up to 4 – 6 times longer, and it will not harm your exterior. The products used in a Soft Washing System do not just aim to clean rather they penetrate, disinfect, and remove all the root of the problem.

Although it might seem so easy to do, soft washing must be done only by professionals. Treating your property using a soft washing method is more like pest control. You need to properly mix safe, biodegradable chemicals to make sure that all microbes causing buildup are not just partly brushed away, but eliminated.

More than Just Roof Cleaning

Soft washing can be done on a facade or any surface where algae and bacteria grow. The same group of bacteria that form black lines found on roofs can also grow on:

  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • And more.

If you’re trying to find an effective method that can eliminate what’s cultivating on the surface of your deck, roof, or fence. Soft Washing is the best option that can solve the problem 100%. 

We Use Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable Chemicals in Soft Washing

Oftentimes, most homeowners are terrified of the word “chemicals”. However, not all chemicals are harmful; in fact, chemicals are everywhere, even in water.

In soft washing, chemicals are used to help in breaking down infestations, pollutants, stains, and grimes. Thus, it makes it so easy to wash them away as they do all the hard work without needing any pressure. At Little Rock Power Washing Co. we only use chemicals that are biodegradable, ship non-hazardous, and are water-based.

Meaning they only break down into water and carbon compounds within the twenty days of their introduction into the environment. As a result, it will leave no harmful contaminants behind and it will make your home clean and safe.

Reasons Why Use Soft Washing

There are lots of good reasons to choose soft washing; however, here are a few to help you get started:

A good substitute for pressure washing

Pressure washing can strip away materials and might lead to erosion. If a loosened or decaying structure might accidentally spray with pressure, it might collapse. Power washing is ideal for some tasks but not suitable for others.

It treats infestation

At a glance, your home might only look dirty- but if you look closer it’s infested. A normal pressure wash can only rinse the exterior layer of this infestation but doesn’t give proper treatment to the root of the problem. It will leave the surface susceptible again after the pressure washing is done and infestation might come back.

No damage from pressure

Unskilled or inexperienced pressure washers can potentially create damages and costly repairs to your property. That’s why it is equally vital to let professional washers get the job done right.

Keeps your home looking great

Changing weather can make your home start to look untidy. Dirt will accumulate and soon your house will get blotches and stains, all through your home. As a homeowner, you need to maintain the exterior of your home to make it look best at all times.

Cleaning your home regularly through soft washing will maintain its curb appeal. When you soft wash, dirt and grimes are completely removed, as well all contaminants are exterminated. A soft wash will not only elevate the look of your home but also increases its market value in the future.

If you want your property to restore its beauty, you will want to always soft wash your deck, roof, and siding. This also will prevent infestation as it kills bacteria and organisms from growing. Soft washing ensures your home is sanitized and restored as well as new.

Little Rock Power Washing Little Rock Pressure Washing Company Pressure washing company little rock Arkansas Little Rock Soft Washing.

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