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Fleets are one of the staple investments in any business. Trucks or commercial fleets are not only used to deliver goods from one location to another. They are the traveling billboards of your company in the streets of Arkansas City.

A muddy fleet that has black grime-covered to the exterior or oil and grease dripping from the chassis will give a poor impression to your clients. We deeply understand how much you care for your business’ image. That is why Little Rock Power Washing Co. is here to help every business in Little Rock, Arkansas, Crystal Hill, Arkansas, Sherwood, Arkansas, North Little Rock, Arkansas, and East End, Arkansas to keep up your good reputation.

Fleet Washing For Your Business

If you want to use the fleet to give a positive image of your company, you need to ensure that it is perfectly clean at all times. Having it entirely fleet wash regularly, your vehicle stays in excellent condition all through the year. Our on-site fleet washing solutions, come straight to your business to clean your fleet right away.

Being in 15 years in the industry, Little Rock Power Washing Co. is a pioneer in providing a wide range of mobile fleet washing services. You can turn to us for first-rate fleet washing as well cleaning services. From semi-trucks, heavy trucks, RV, trailers, company fleets, machinery, up to equipment our team will clean it and leave it all brand new.

Our professional washers are adept at using different cleaning methods to effectively remove grime, oils, and chemicals. Our company takes pride in having a good track record, equipment, and knowledge to provide the best fleet washing solutions.

Eco-Friendly Fleet Washing in Little Rock, Arkansas

Our company only uses high-quality fleet washing cleaning agents. These are designed to exceptionally deliver a shimmering finish while making the paint and bodywork of your vehicle safe. We don’t compromise our client’s fleet using substandard products that might harm your fleets.

We aim to provide one-off cleaning. Or you could opt to set a maintenance schedule. We cater to all kinds of fleets of all sizes and shapes in Little Rock, Arkansas, and neighboring cities.

As a professional Power Washing Services Company, we strongly uphold to preserve and protect the health of our environment seriously. We make sure that all of our washers and staff strictly follow our company guidelines. This is aligned under the EPA guideline and legislation that has jurisdiction over the Power Washing industry.

Our staff upholds the use of environmentally and biodegradable cleaning agents and water on all of our wide selection of projects including our Fleet Washing services.

How to Choose a Full-Fleet Washing Company

If you run a fleet business, then you need to deeply understand the essence of having a fleet that runs smoothly without any issues. If your track has been shut down for mechanical problems or maintenance might both cost you fortune and time.

Fleet washing can be one of the cheapest investments for your business. It ensures that your fleet not only looks clean, but you can guarantee its optimal performance.

That is why we understand that you don’t want to trust that washing job with amateur washers. Choosing might be difficult but here are some of the things you need to consider before hiring a fleet washing company.

A Good Company Reputation

Company reputation is one of the most critical factors that you need to consider. You can inquire about the number of years the company has been in the fleet washing industry. You also need to know about all the kinds of vehicles they are adept at cleaning.

It is more reliable to trust those companies that have been in the fleet washing business for many years. You can also read some testimonials and reviews coming from their loyal clients.

Fleet Washing Capacity

You also need to consider the size of a fleet company can wash. Some companies don’t have the right selection of equipment to clean a fleet that has hundreds of trucks. Find out if the company can deliver an impeccably sparkling fleet while accommodating others.

Type of Services they provide

Some fleet washing companies can only provide a pressure washing service. Meanwhile, others can provide an entire fleet of washing services, including power washing, waxing, detailing, and more. Therefore, as a customer; it is imperative to ask about the type of services the company can provide.

Proper Equipment and Well-Trained Staff

A top-notch fleet washing company has a team of well-trained and highly experienced washers. Also, they only use state-of-the-art equipment and tools in cleaning and maintaining vehicles. Remember that if you let amateurs who are not properly trained might damage your fleet. Likewise, using inappropriate cleaning equipment might also create a negative result.

Cleaning Products

It is crucial to also know all the cleaning materials that will be used in your fleet. You want to ensure that the fleet washing company only uses gentle cleaning materials. Any harsh materials can create costly damage to the internal fabric or exterior paint of your fleet. A reliable company is delicate in selecting biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning agents. These are proven safe and effective for the environment and cleaning the vehicle.

Little Rock Power Washing Co. provides professional and affordable full fleet washing services in Arkansas, City. Our passion for our work made us a reliable fleet washing company in the region.

Our team can come to your area to wash and clean your fleet vehicles. Our extensive services include washing and detailing commercial trucks, buses, RV, and more. We provide full fleet washing services such as vacuum servicing, interior detailing, polishing, paint correction, oxidation removal, and waxing services.


Little Rock Power Washing Little Rock Pressure Washing Company Pressure washing company little rock Arkansas Little Rock Soft Washing.

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