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    Set a high standard in your neighborhood with your freshly cleaned property. As a homeowner or a business owner, you want your property that stands out. It is essential to power wash your exterior impress visitors and passersby.

    Little Rock Power Washing Co. proudly serves both residential and commercial to look at their best always. Our pressure washing company in North Little Rock, Arkansas, understands how you value your investment. Our wide range of power washing services is the best choice in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and neighboring cities.

    Regardless of how big or small the project, we strive to clean and make it brand new again. Keeping up the regular maintenance will add longevity to your structure. Additionally, it will keep your home more stunning for years to come.

    Reliable Service from a passionate team

    We clean your property from top to bottom with our all-inclusive residential and commercial services for the last 15 years. Our team can design a custom solution suitable for your specific cleaning needs. Our cutting-edge pressure washing services can clean any part of your exterior seamlessly.

    Little Rock Power Washing Co. is a fully licensed and insured company in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We eliminate stubborn mildew, dirt, and grimes using our advanced tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Pressure washing houses, commercial buildings, parking lots, garages, restaurants, and more are no challenge to our well-trained power washing cleaners.

    The Risks of DIY Power Washing

    The wear and tear and changing weather conditions will have your property looking untidy. This poor image will also reflect on you as the owner. You may have all watched all the tutorial videos on “how to DIY pressure washing.”

    Probably, you think it’s easy to do since you’re just spraying the water on the surface. But, if only you knew all the risks it accompanies, you better think again.

    Reasons Why It’s A Big No To DIY Pressure Washing

    Pressure washing might be fun seeing the dirt blown off until your surface becomes sparkly again. However, pressure washing is for pro only as there are several hazards if you attempt to DIY.

    Debris and Clean Up

    The dirt you gathered after cleaning surfaces doesn’t magically disappear. The pressure washing makes an eyesore after cleaning. Debris flies all over and the swimming pool catches all the fallen dirt.

    A 1-hour job might become exhausting because of the cleanup. Worse is accidentally discovering asbestos-laden material in your exterior surface upon washing.

    Call the professionals at Little Rock Power Washing Co.

    Direct and Severe Damage

    If you are an amateur or inexperienced using the tools you could potentially damage the whole structure. It’s also possible to shatter the window glass if you’re not careful with the PSI setting. Furthermore, you unexpectedly splash some exposed outlets and cause electrical damage.

    Electrical shortage and fragment windows might cause serious injury. Aside from hurting yourself and others, these will cost you a fortune for future repairs.

     Count as in for a specialized and safe power washing service.

    Double Duties

    There are several considerations to achieve effective and economical cleaning. You need to be adept from choosing the appropriate cleaning detergents up to the proper method of spraying. However, if you hire a team of experts in North Little Rock, Arkansas; you can rest easy.

    Little Rock Power Washing Co. guarantees that we’ll leave your property immaculately clean. Being in the power washing business for 15 years gave us everything we needed to learn. Our unbeatable track records and patron clients make us strive harder to continue to do our best.

    Experience the difference when our team at Little Rock Power Washing Co. is on-site! You can rely on our top-quality services without damaging them.

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